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Quigley speaks about the need to provide for Holocaust Survivors

Nov 30, 2010

Today, Congressman Quigley spoke on the House floor about the need to care for the 100,000 Holocaust survivors living in America today. The video of his speech is below, followed by a transcript of his remarks.

Thank you Mr. Speaker. I rise today to support this resolution and thank its sponsor, the gentlelady from Florida, and call for its quick passage. This important resolution highlights the often forgotten special needs of the few remaining Holocaust survivors. It also calls for the assurances that their final years will be comfortable and dignified.

Over 100,000 Holocaust survivors live in the US today, with 3,500 of those living in my city, Chicago. 3/4 of those are in their 80s and 90s. a majority live alone and more than half live below 200% of the poverty line. As these individuals who survived torture, starvation and unspeakable terrors age, they deserve to do so in their own homes rather than in an institutional setting.

After all they've endured and overcome, these spirited survivors of the Holocaust deserve access to social service programs sensitive to their unique needs. This resolution will ensure they spend their last years with the same dignity with which they lived. Thank you and I yield back.