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CNN: Quigley: Congress Can Avert A Shutdown, But We Need A Willing Partner in the President

Dec 11, 2018
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SCIUTTO: I want to ask you about a very immediate issue, and that is a funding battle on the Hill. You saw the President today signal something, and it’s hard to read in his tweets alone, but he seemed to be saying that more of the wall had been built already than people realize and that the Defense Department, the military, could complete it. You have got Democratic leaders meeting with the President today. Does that look like an off-ramp to you that the President might back down on that $25 billion figure and you can therefore avoid a government shut down?

QUIGLEY: We want to avoid a government shutdown. As you know, though, unfortunately the President has been predictably unpredictable and reliably unreliable. There was funding for border security that passed in last year’s budget. Over a billion dollars that they haven't used yet. But they want to compromise and continue that funding on into this year, let's not hold up the other six appropriations bills that need to get done and, oh, by the way, passing a bill to protect women against violence, a farm bill, disaster relief, the list goes on. We have work to do, we don't need a President that has had a bad month acting out and making that even more difficult.

SCIUTTO: Congressman Mike Quigley, thanks for joining us this morning.

QUIGLEY: Any time. Thank you.