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DNAinfo: Mike Quigley Works at Dinkel's Bakery as 'Undercover Congressman'

Jan 30, 2013
In the News

This article originally appeared on on January 30, 2013 and can be found here.

By Serena Dai


Congressman Mike Quigley helps decorate a raspberry linzer
tart with Luke Karl, Norm Dinkel's son-in-law. 

(Courtesy of Congressman Quigley's Office)

LAKEVIEW " If you stop by Dinkel's Bakery Wednesday, your doughnut might have a congressman's touch.

U.S. Re. Mike Quigley (D-Chicago) got a taste of the down-and-dirty behind sugar and flour while working at the 91-year-old bakery Tuesday.

Illinois' 5th District representative helped the Dinkel family at Dinkel's Bakery, 3329 N. Lincoln Ave., for his first "Undercover Congressman" location of 2013. Quigley regularly works local businesses to connect with constituents as part of the series.

"Dinkel's Bakery is a culinary icon and a prime example of American entrepreneurship in our District," Quigley said in a statement. 

The family bakery, currently owned by third-generation Norm Dinkel, had the congressman decorating cookies, filling and icing birthday cake and preparing yeast doughnuts for Wednesday, Dinkel said.

"You know, I'm not easily impressed," Dinkel said. "I'm pretty critical. But it's nice to see a guy who doesn't mind getting his hands dirty."

That said, the congressman won't be getting hired to bake cake on his own any time soon based on his skills.

"He would have to have more experience," Dinkel said.


Quigley helps roll dough that will eventually become bismark

(Courtesy of Congressman Quigley's Office)