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Support Alzheimer's Funding

Dec 2, 2014

WASHINGTON -- Today, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) stood in support of funding for Alzheimer's research in FY2015 appropriations funding.

Below is a video and transcript of the speech. 

Thank you Mister Speaker.

Mr. Speaker, I rise today in support of funding for Alzheimer's disease research.

Alzheimer's is a particularly devastating disease, both for the patients and their families.

Families watch their loved ones affectively disappear before their eyes.

There are currently more than five million Americans suffering from this disease, with one American diagnosed every 67 seconds.

We must take preventative actions to address the growing population of Alzheimer's patients in this country.

In the fiscal year 2015 appropriations process, I urge my colleagues to support increased funding for this research.

This research will help find ways to prevent, treat and even slow the progression of the disease, helping to ease the burden on patients, caregivers and the Medicare system.

Congress must continue its commitment to fight against Alzheimer's by providing this crucial funding.

Thank you and I yield back the balance of my time.