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Quigley Surpasses $1 Million Mark in Constituent Service

Apr 25, 2011
Press Release

Note: PHOTO below includes Elmwood Park seniors and Village President Pete Silvestri.

CHICAGO -- Today, while meeting with constituents across the 5th District, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) announced that his office has returned over $1 million to 5th District taxpayers who were owed Social Security checks, veterans benefits, tax refunds and other payments from the federal government.  In only two years in office, Quigley's dedicated casework staff has assisted thousands of constituents cut through the red tape on a variety of federal issues. 

"Every day my office receives calls and letters from constituents seeking assistance, and it is our job to help solve their problems," said Quigley.  "My first responsibility is always to serve the people of the 5th District."

Quigley's office can assist constituents with many issues involving a federal agency including Social Security, Medicare, immigration/visas, passports, loan modifications, requests for flags and commendations, veterans' benefits, federal employment, the post office, service academy nominations, and more.  He has two office locations in the 5th District at 1057 W. Belmont Ave. and 3742 W. Irving Park Rd.  Below are just a few success stories.  


  • A constituent's unemployment benefits were revoked and her appeal process had stalled. After Quigley's office inquired with the proper agencies, her unemployment benefits were reinstated.
  • The constituent wrote to the office with thanks: "Words cannot express my gratitude in the assistance received from your office during my unemployment benefits appeal. Your office was the only [one] that really responded to my plea for help.  We need more fighters for the little people--the voters--like you.  Thanks to you and your great staff."


  • After losing her job, a constituent had been trying for over a year to get a modification on her home loan.  After President Obama implemented the Making Homes Affordable Program, Quigley's office was able to work with federal housing agencies and the interest rate on her home loan was reduced by 4.25 percent, helping her avoid foreclosure and allowing her to stay in her home.


  • One constituent was approved for Social Security disability but did not receive the retroactive pay for which she qualified.  Quigley's office found out the Social Security Administration had misplaced her file, and arranged for her to receive payment of the money owed.
  • A constituent contacted Quigley's office because he did not receive his economic stimulus payment.  Quigley's staff found that it was an error with his address in the Social Security Administration's database, and the check was reissued. 
  • When a constituent's husband passed away, she went to the Social Security Administration to see if she was eligible for any widow's benefits.  She was told she would not be eligible until she was 62 years old.  She actually found out she was eligible for benefits at the age of 60 when she applied two years later.  When she decided to appeal, her application was lost. Quigley's staff located her appeal and followed her case through multiple obstacles.  Finally, a hearing date was set, and she went before the judge receiving a favorable decision.  The judge awarded her retroactive benefits back to the age of 60, a back pay check of $13,935.   


  • A constituent was eligible for Medicare Part D and Medicaid and should not have been paying anything for her prescriptions.  However, when she went to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription, she was told that her medicines were not covered and would cost her $200.  After borrowing money from a family member to purchase the medicine that she needed, she contacted Quigley's district office. 
  • In one day, Quigley's staff was able to work with the Department of Human Services to get the correct benefit information to the pharmacist. The constituent can now receive the prescriptions she needs at no cost.  In addition, the staff was able to secure a refund of the $200 from her first prescription.

If constituents have questions or need assistance with a federal agency, they can stop by either of Quigley's district offices listed above, or call 773-267-5926.