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Quigley Statement on U.S. Supreme Court Reviewing Chicago Handgun Ban

Sep 30, 2009
Press Release

Today, Congressman Mike Quigley (D-IL), released the following statement regarding the decision by the United States Supreme Court to review a case that challenges whether or not Chicago's local handgun ban is legal (McDonald v. City of Chicago, 08-1521):

"In a year when so many have lost their lives, and our neighbors live in fear of leaving their homes due to threats of violence, the last thing our city needs is more guns on the street.

I hope that the Supreme Court honors the decision made in the McDonald case and allows the ruling to stand. There is a clear Constitutional case to be made for upholding local and state laws on this matter, and an even more compelling human case beyond the legality.

How many more parents will lose their children, or children will lose a parent if we allow more weapons into our neighborhoods? More than five hundred students in Chicago were involved in a gun-related incident over the last two years. Will reversing this decision cause that number to reach six hundred? Seven hundred?

How much longer can we afford the estimated $2.5 billion a year we spend due to gun violence? Can we continue to pay the cost of families broken and dreams shattered at the barrel of a gun?

These are all questions that the Supreme Court will have to consider. Upholding the McDonald decision is the right thing to do legally, and the right decision for families."

The case will be argued before the Court next year.