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Quigley Goes “Undercover” at Goose Island Beer Company

Jun 29, 2016
Press Release

CHICAGO – Yesterday, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05), a member of the House Sustainable Energy and Environment Coalition (SEEC), went “undercover” at Chicago’s Goose Island Beer Company filling wine barrels with the ingredients for Gillian, a Belgian style farmhouse ale, and learning how Goose Island incorporates sustainable practices into their daily operations.

“It is fascinating to get an in-depth look at the process of craft brewing here at Goose Island,” said Rep. Quigley. “Not many people understand the critical role that freshwater plays in the brewing process and how keeping Chicago’s water infrastructure updated is vital to this business. I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to discuss and take part in the production process and learn what makes Goose Island distinct from other craft breweries.”

During his visit, Rep. Quigley met with Ken Stout, President and General Manager of Goose Island; Mark Kamarauskas, Director of Operations; Ian Hughes, Assistant Brewery Manager; Megan Lagesse, Communications Manager; Mike Siegel, Goose Island Brewer and Innovation Manager; and Tom Roth, Director for State and Government Affairs. They discussed the importance of fresh water to the brewing process, as well as the Green Goose Project, the brewery’s sustainability initiative. The Green Goose Project focuses on minimizing the company’s environmental footprint, engaging employees and consumers in sustainability action, and supporting environmental organizations doing critical work in local communities. This involves the brewery supporting groups like Alliance for the Great Lakes, who strive to keep the brewery’s main source of fresh water, Lake Michigan, clean and environmental friendly. Afterwards, Rep. Quigley worked alongside brewers to help fill barrels for Goose Island’s Gillian, a Belgian style farmhouse ale and one of the five Sour Sisters.

“It was great to have Congressman Quigley come by Goose Island for a visit and very flattering to us that he’s so interested in our business and in our needs,” said Ken Stout, GM and President of Goose Island Beer Co. “I look forward to sharing more beers with the Congressman in the future.”

Rep. Quigley (right) learns about the history of Goose Island from Ken Stout, President and General Manager of Goose Island (left).

Rep. Quigley fills barrels of Gillian, a farmhouse ale, with honey.

Rep. Quigley (right) learns about the sustainable practices Goose Island incorporates into their production by Ian Hughes, Assistant Brewery Manager at Goose Island (left).

Goose Island Beer Company is one of the first Chicago breweries and creates a local and distinctive Chicago craft beer. Founder, John Hall, came up with the idea for local craft brewing in 1988 and opened what is now Goose Island in 1995, which distributes to all 50 states and the United Kingdom. Goose Island continues to be a leader in the craft brewing scene and is a great example of a successful local enterprise that has a national presence.

Rep. Quigley’s “Undercover Congressman” series connects him with constituents at their place of employment to better understand the daily challenges they face in their industry and community. Since taking office in 2009, Rep. Quigley has performed a wide range of jobs as an Undercover Congressman, including cleaning animal pens as a zookeeper at the Lincoln Park Zoo, delivering pizza for Leona’s in Lakeview, pouring metal at a local metal refinery and delivering mail with the United States Post Office.