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Rep. Quigley on CLTV: There Are No Coincidences in this Investigation

Dec 6, 2018
In the News


HOST #1: President Trump has said he will not take a pardon for Manafort off the table. WGN political analyst Paul Lisnek spoke with Illinois Congressman Mike Quigley about the case on CLTV’s “Politics Tonight.”

QUIGLEY: We may be watching not just the most important investigation of our lifetime, we may be watching the best investigation of our lifetime by someone with the greatest bipartisan credentials coming into this – a war hero lauded by Democrats and Republicans alike. I can't imagine he wouldn't have anticipated Mr. Manafort doing something like this. It is conceivable to me that the Trump legal team letting Manafort play these games have set the President up or others in the administration up for additional aspects of obstruction.

HOST #2: And then there's Michael Cohen, President Trump’s former attorney, pleading guilty last week to lying to Congress about the efforts to build a Trump Tower in Moscow in 2016. Cohen telling Congress the discussions didn't go very far. But in a plea agreement Special Counsel Robert Mueller says they did. The tower was never built but Cohen was in talks with top Russian officials for months about financing and a location. Cohen’s cooperating with Mueller's office also prosecutors in New York for a different criminal case. Congressman Quigley weighed in on Cohen tonight as well.

QUIGLEY: The President's personal attorney who ties everything together. He is cooperating at an unprecedented level. He is the man. The President trusted him with his personal matters – very personal matters. His professional financial world and his political world, he ties them all together. And I think what we've learned over two years now in this investigation is everything is connected, there are no coincidences.