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Quigley joins PBS Chicago to Discuss Mueller Report

Apr 18, 2019
In the News

HOST #1: And yet, few can read the report in its entirety. Congressman Mike Quigley sits on the House Intelligence Committee:

QUIGLEY [clip]: This is an example of what we have to work with. Whole sections of this report, easily the most important investigation of our lifetime, in which critical information is left out.

HOST #1: Even so, Quigley finds plenty in what has been released and what he’s been able to read thus far. He says he recognizes the public may be growing weary of extended investigations like this one. He points out it took more than two years following Watergate for President Nixon to resign in disgrace. He says this report should serve as a turning point.

QUIGLEY [clip]: It should provide cold comfort for the American public that a criminal act by Trump or his associates didn’t meet the burden. It is still corrupt, it is still wrong, it is still way beneath the dignity of the President of the United States. So, there’s solid evidence of obstruction, there are clear examples of collusion and conspiracy.

HOST #2: Amanda, how about the reaction from Republicans in Illinois.

HOST #1: There aren’t any more Republicans representing Illinois’ suburbs in Congress anymore. They got voted out, and Democrats replaced them in the last election. I did reach out to the office of GOP Congressman Adam Kinzinger, he represents a swath of northern Illinois. No statement from that office, but largely, that’s true. A downstate Republican, Congressman Rodney Davis, said…