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Congressman Mike Quigley

Representing the 5th District of Illinois

Quigley on Hardball: Cohen’s Public Testimony Will Serve the “American Public’s Right to Know”

Jan 11, 2019
In the News


MATTHEWS: Congressman Quigley, run through what you’re thinking right now about what this is going to offer the American public. I mean, the people. It’s not just you and the Committee and Congress. Everyone wants to know what Trump did, now.

QUIGLEY: Yeah sure, absolutely. Besides great theater, the American people get to find out a little bit more about the connections between the Russians and the Trump associates. It's hard to tell exactly what he'll be able to communicate in this first open hearing and I suspect what you'll see is a number of appearances by Mr. Cohen including before my own Intelligence Committee. I suspect much of this must could be classified, but we’ll be asking the same questions your panel talked about. If he wasn't in Prague, why was his cell phone pinging off their towers? Is he being cued? Was he communicating near there? If he wasn’t, who else was communicating with the Russians and where? The American public have a right to know. Still going to be awhile ‘til we get the complete answer.

MATTHEWS: Let me ask you about what you think we're going to hear. For example, do you think it's possible that either you or another member of the Committee will asking him simply – I’ve only got a few minutes here – Mr. Cohen, is there anything you want to tell us that we haven’t asked about. I mean, he does have this plethora of information. He chatted away. I mean, I’ve worked for people–if you work for somebody in a professional relationship, they chat about everything. He heard Trump talking like Popeye about the Russians. He's heard everything he's said. Can you get that out of him.

QUIGLEY: I suspect Mr. Cummings will be an outstanding Chairman on this event; and I don't believe that it will get past Mr. Cummings to ask that question. What don't we know? What else can you tell us? Indeed, he is the only person, to my knowledge, who has that connection of the personal Trump world, financial, and political worlds. And I think that's where the President's in trouble because everything is connected. And for the first time, we have an opportunity to start tying all those questions together.