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Newsmax: Dem Rep. Quigley Blasts Trump's 'Juvenile Name-Calling'

Nov 19, 2018
In the News

A link to this article can be found here.

Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., on Monday blasted President Donald Trump for giving California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff a vulgar nickname, saying his “juvenile name-calling” is the best the president can do.

“So funny to see little Adam Schitt (D-CA) talking about the fact that Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker was not approved by the Senate, but not mentioning the fact that Bob Mueller (who is highly conflicted) was not approved by the Senate!” Trump tweeted on Sunday.

"I feel like I’m back in seventh grade here, where we have juvenile name-calling. This is important stuff. We’re talking about protecting the rule of law, and the best the president can do is start calling people names," Quigley, who sits on the House Intelligence Committee, said in an interview on CNN's "New Day."

He added that the committee should make sure that special counsel Robert Mueller is protected, improving the relationship with the intelligence community, and finding a way for both parties to work together.

"In the midst of all this, the president resorts to such actions," Quigley said. "It’s extraordinary."