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Quigley on MSNBC: We have the gavels. There’s nothing to block us from the truth.

Mar 7, 2019
In The News

MATTHEWS: -- House Intelligence Committee. Congressman, you’ve been with us a lot of times in this conversation about Russia, all the criminality involved that the Special Counsel is looking at, that the House Judiciary Committee is ultimately going to judge on in terms of impeachment. What happens when you see that the criminal courts give this guy this break? One in five years.

QUIGLEY: You know, my ears are still ringing with the, “lock her up, lock her up,” my Republican colleagues shouting in Cleveland a little over two years ago, and now we’re at this point in time. Look, the system is going to frustrate us, but we can’t give up. We remember there’s still next week. I do want to take the word “collusion” out of our vocabulary for a while. This isn’t collusion, this is a conspiracy. This is a conspiracy to attack the democratic process of the United States.  And those people closest to the president of the United States were involved.  And fundamental, I think it’s a point your guests were getting to, is it goes well beyond the criminal activities of those surrounding the president. It goes to whether the president was involved in those criminal activities, and whether those activities influence the policy of the United States. Between Flynn and the Saudis, Mr. Cohen and Trump Tower with the Russians, and clearly now with Ukraine and Mr. Manafort. Is the United States less safe because of this conspiracy?

MATTHEWS: You know I look at this thing it’s just like a criminal -- or a mystery story. But it’s not so mysterious because in Cleveland, which you just mentioned, the Republican National Convention. Magically, the Republican platform that most people don’t pay much attention to, was re-written by mysterious forces to advance the causes of Vladimir Putin against the legitimate government of Ukraine. Why would something like that happen under the good offices of Paul Manafort, who works for the pro-Russian forces against Ukraine’s forces -- I mean Ukraine’s interests. Don’t we get fingerprints? It seems to me there’s – follow the signature – who changed that? And there was Manafort taking credit for all this. I mean I’m sure he took credit to his clients. They know what he did. Are we going to find out?

QUIGLEY: We are going to find out. I mean, we have the gavels – there’s nothing to block us from the truth. At this point in time it’s important that we reflect on just what you’re talking about here. The fact of the matter is, from day one, it was about this extraordinary connection with Russia and Ukraine, an area they were attempting – and have been attempting to dominate. And the fact of the matter is it was changing the new world order in presidents’ policies designed after World War II. The new world order is under attack by its primary architect, and we have to address that. Remember Mr. Mueller and the Southern District of New York have different responsibilities than the House Intel Committee and Judiciary and Oversight. Mr. Mueller and others’ job is to decide who to bring to justice. Our job is to find out who attacked the democratic process, who conspired with them, and to educate, and inform the American public.

MATTHEWS: Let’s talk about obstruction of justice right now. Today, it’s a good time to do it, after this light sentencing of Paul Manafort – the president’s campaign chair and his convention chair, he ran the convention for the president. It seems to me that Donald Trump has made it clear from the beginning he doesn’t want justice. He basically goes to the head of the FBI and says, “lay off my friend, Michael Flynn, because of these meetings he’s had with the Russians….Lay off the guy he’s a good guy. Lay off of those meetings he’s had with Kislyak. Lay off of him.” And when the FBI director didn’t play ball…he fired him. And then he goes and fires his Attorney General because he dared to recuse himself. Under Justice Department rules he can’t be involved in adjudicating – in prosecuting a matter that he was personally involved with running Trump for president. All along the line he’s obstructed – what more do you guys need, to impeach? It seems to me we’ve got this broad daylight robbery of our constitution right in front of our faces. And all the other stuff with Russia, working for the other side, and they are the other side, the Russians. All this stuff’s been going on in plain daylight. It’s all there, what more do you guys want?

QUIGLEY: You forgot the dangling of pardons. It was interesting to me when they were referencing whether or not someone was seeking a pardon. I don’t think anyone needs to seek. I think the president of the United States foretold the pardons he gave the sheriff in Arizona the same way he foretold and offered these promises of pardons and dangling of pardons to people for some time now. And look, we take that very seriously. But if we had listened to those who had wanted to move forward with impeachment when they had initially started, we wouldn’t have had any of this information about Mr. Cohen, Mr. Manafort, and Mr. Flynn. I do believe we are getting close to a point where we have enough information. But again as a criminal defense attorney for ten years, I can’t say strongly enough: You don’t stop an investigation when you think you have enough. You stop an investigation when you’ve thought out exactly what took place. Just this week, we learned a considerable amount from Mr. Cohen, and I believe there will be key witnesses that follow that will give us an extraordinary amount of information. This isn’t just about deciding whether we have enough, as well. It’s also the court of public opinion, which I believe will drive any opportunity we have toward this end in the United States’ Senate.

MATTHEWS: Well nothing’s…cracked the Republican phalanx. Don’t wait for that to happen Congressman, because they’re at 88% and climbing. The more guilty Trump looks they’re with him. Anyway, thank you.