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CLTV: Quigley Participates in Polling Place Training Session Ahead of Upcoming Illinois Elections

Feb 4, 2019
In The News

Reporter: Voting machine security is a major concern as Election Day approaches in Chicago. Congressman Mike Quigley dropped in on election judge training today to check out the voting machines, which are now 14 years old. Last week, the Inspector General released a report that concluded Chicago’s board of election was not equipped to respond to hacking attacks. As chairman of the subcommittee funding election equipment, Quigley says he's working to get all voting systems up to par, but Chicago won't have the latest machines in place for the election on February 26th.

Quigley: We are behind the eight ball nationally. If anything, Illinois, while it was the first state to be hacked by—the board of elections—by the Russians, is better than a lot of other states.

Reporter: The board of elections responded to the IG’s report saying it’s working with federal agencies on contingency plans if something happens.