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Time for Bipartisan Progress in the 115th Congress

Jan 27, 2017

Dear Friend,

At a time when our country is deeply divided and many are fearful of what's to come, it is unfortunate that President Trump has failed to use his first days in office as an opening to heal and unite the American people.  Instead of looking for ways to advance economic opportunity for hardworking individuals across our nation, I have seen mostly partisan attacks —attacks against affordable health care, women’s constitutional right to choose, vital measures needed to protect our environment, and our vulnerable immigrant communities.

We cannot roll back meaningful progress that has improved the lives of millions, and I am disappointed by the dark and misleading picture of an America in decay, plagued by carnage, that has been depicted. Especially, when in fact, our country is by almost all measures better than it was eight years ago. 

While I respect the peaceful transfer of power, it is time for our President to do more to serve as a leader for all Americans. In the 115th Congress, I stand ready to work together with my Republican colleagues to find bipartisan solutions to the challenges we face that will improve the lives of our constituents. But I will also continue to hold them accountable in areas where they try to stifle progress and will strongly push back against any reckless and dangerous efforts made to weaken our economic and national security or erode our commitment to justice, equality, and opportunity for all.


Mike Quigley