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Continued Action on the Investigation into Russia

Apr 21, 2017

Dear Friend,

As the only Illinois member on the House Intelligence Committee, I am committed to doing whatever it takes to keep our country safe. The investigation into Russian interference in our elections continues to evolve every day, and our Committee is working diligently to determine how this occurred and what we must do to prevent it from ever happening again. 

As part of the ongoing House Intelligence Committee’s investigation into Russia, I traveled to Cyprus this month to take a deep dive into Russian money laundering and how offshore accounts there are used by the Kremlin to exert global influence. Trips like this help to connect the dots specific to Russia’s election meddling and other active measures regularly used in influence campaigns like the one waged against the United States last November.   

This trip was both timely and informative. I was struck by what a massive undertaking this investigation really is and my time in Cyprus  made clear that now more than ever, we need an independent commission with the expertise and resources to find out exactly what happened and make certain it never happens again. The American people deserve answers and have a right to know if the Trump campaign cooperated in any way with the Kremlin’s efforts to disrupt our democratic process. Please rest assured that I will continue to insist on a thorough investigation that goes wherever the facts lead us.

Click here to watch me discuss my trip on CNN: 


Mike Quigley