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Chicago Sun-Times Endorses Commonsense Gun Reform Bill

Sep 9, 2016

Dear Friend,

As a supporter of commonsense gun laws and reform, I wanted to update you on some exciting news.

In January, I introduced the bipartisan NICS Denial Notification Act with my Republican colleague, Congressman Patrick Meehan. Our legislation will help law enforcement officials better enforce current gun laws and ensure that guns stay out of the hands of dangerous individuals. The bill establishes an alert system to notify state and local law enforcement when criminals break the law attempting to acquire a gun. It also calls for a federal study of background check denials, which will help develop a risk-assessment tool for law enforcement to use in identifying denied gun purchasers who pose a higher risk for future violence.

In one short month, the NICS Denial Notification Act has garnered local and national attention, receiving endorsements from both law enforcement and gun control groups. Last week, it was endorsed by the Chicago Sun-Times editorial board, saying that “The Quigley/Meehan bill is not a panacea to solving the nation’s gun violence problem. But no one action will fix this crisis. The bill is a small but sensible step forward.” And to top it all off, the NRA “had no immediate objection to the bill.” 

Help continue the momentum for the NICS Denial Notification Act by sharing this message on FacebookTwitter, or forwarding this email to your friends and family. Thank you, as always, for all of your support.


Mike Quigley