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Mar 14, 2013 In the News
"Democrat Mike Quigley, a criminal defense attorney before his election to the House, suggested that the public would learn about the judicial branch if all Americans, rather than those able to wait in line to get into the court in Washington, could witness its sessions."
Mar 14, 2013 In the News
" In all my life, I cant imagine the Supreme Court acting in a way other than they normally would, whether there were cameras or not," said Rep. Quigley."
Mar 13, 2013 In the News
"Illinois will be stronger when we allow all loving and committed couples the chance to care for and protect one another through marriage," said Rep. Quigley."
Mar 7, 2013 In the News
"By making these taxpayer-funded reports more accessible to the public, we can increase transparency and empower every day citizens to continue being the governments best watchdog," said Rep. Quigley."
Mar 2, 2013 In the News
"The Violence Against Women Act passed today finally recognizes and provides equal protection for all domestic and sexual violence victims in our LGBT, immigrant and tribal communities," said Rep. Quigley."
Feb 27, 2013 In the News
"There is no question we need to address our unsustainable debt and deficit but the cure shouldnt be worse than the disease," said Rep. Quigley."
Feb 13, 2013 In the News
"I think today was a gesture toward the middle. A gesture saying this is my second term. This is where I speak to our legacy. Lets be a part of that together. A nation needs that," said Rep. Quigley."
Feb 12, 2013 In the News
"When I was a kid, what was your fear? It was 'She said no to the prom' or getting braces. Today, kids' biggest fear is getting shot," said Rep. Quigley."
Feb 11, 2013 In the News
"I think, what we try to do in Chicago is the Hawks and I have teamed up to try to put floor hockey in every school or park-district gym that wants one," said Rep. Quigley."
Feb 6, 2013 In the News
Question: What can bring together local politicians on both sides of the aisle like just about no other issue? Answer: Apple pie and motherhood, I suppose. But definitely Polish immigration rights. '