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Congressman Mike Quigley

Representing the 5th District of Illinois

In the News

Nov 7, 2017 In the News
"If we look at the recent mass shootings in Sutherland Springs, Orlando, and the Congressional Baseball Game practice, we see a noticeable trend: all these shooters acted alone and had prior history of domestic violence," Quigley said in a statement.
Nov 4, 2017 In the News
"The text of that interview with the House Intelligence Committee will be available very, very soon. It's probably six hours worth of discussions. If that snippet gave anybody a headache, wait until you read six hours of it."
Nov 3, 2017 In the News
“We’re now talking about six different people who are Trump associates,” Quigley said. “Just remember that the president’s son acknowledged that he wanted to meet with the Russians… we just talked about Cambridge Analytica, Mr. Kushner, after the election, trying to set up a back-channel meeting.”
Nov 3, 2017 In the News
"The list goes on. At some point in time, the Trump administration should stop calling this a witch hunt, because after all, the first witches were bagged earlier this week. Tell us exactly what took place."
Nov 2, 2017 In the News
Democratic Representative Mike Quigley of Illinois asked about the likelihood that many foreign-bought ads still haven’t been found.
Oct 31, 2017 In the News
"Rep. Mike Quigley, D-Ill., whose district includes the stadium, told a local radio station: "Forty-two thousand people is an attractive target for people who want to hurt us." Windy City officials are leaving the streets open for now, but have conducted "traffic slowdowns" on the roadways. They have also installed concrete bollards to help separate pedestrians from passing vehicles. Cubs officials hope Boston's decision to shut down vehicular traffic near Fenway might spur Chicago officials to reconsider their decision."
Oct 31, 2017 In the News
"Back in 2003, then-Commissioner Mike Quigley suggested the county’s four mosquito abatement districts be absorbed by the county to enable better communication and coordination and potentially find efficiencies in the operation of the districts. Despite the issue resurfacing a number of times in the decade or more since Quigley’s report, these independent taxing districts still exist, as do a number of other special districts."
Oct 30, 2017 In the News
“From a campaign point of view, there was none higher, at least the point he was there, than Paul Manafort. There’s a strange mixture of Trump associates, his campaign, financing, Russia, and laundering money,” he said.
Oct 30, 2017 In the News
“I don’t think that the House or Senate investigations are going to stand down” said Quigley.   “I think what’s important is that we not  get in the way of each other.   I do think that that Mr. Mueller and leadership on those committees are being very helpful in coordinating to make sure that that doesn’t happen.   One of the reasons the House and Senate shouldn’t stand down is, in all frankness, this President has made noises about trying to shut down the Mueller investigation and at least one of them or two of them have to keep going.”
Oct 30, 2017 In the News
"Quigley said the indictment of former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort on charges related to earlier work on behalf of Russia in Ukraine—and news that former Trump foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos has pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about contacts between the Trump campaign and Russia—are initial actions on "a long road. . . .It's probably closer to the beginning than the end."