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Congressman Mike Quigley

Representing the 5th District of Illinois

Defense & National Security

As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and the Ranking Democrat on the Emerging Threats Subcommittee, I am briefed daily about the threats facing our country and what we are doing to stop them. In these trying times, Americans are understandably concerned for their safety, but we must not allow fear to lead to overreaction, bad policy, or unintended consequences.
Instead, I’m working hard to ensure that Congress provides leadership and answers the question: What really keeps Americans safe? Every dollar we waste funding outdated strategies designed for the Cold War is another dollar that is not going towards law enforcement, intelligence gathering, cybersecurity, and many other programs that actually secure the U.S. against the evolving threats we face today. That’s why I’ve been working to highlight the costs of our outdated and wasteful nuclear weapons programs by sponsoring amendments to redirect wasteful defense spending. I’ve also been proud to help introduce legislation enabling voluntary information sharing of cyber threats between the private sector and the government and continue to fight for increased Homeland Security grant funding to strengthen Chicago’s ability to prevent and respond to terrorist attacks and major natural disasters.
It is important to remember that every national security challenge is unique. There is no cookie-cutter strategy for deterring and defeating our enemies. But the U.S. has the capabilities and the know-how to defend against these threats. That’s why Congress must stop exploiting public’s fears and work together to keep Americans safe. 

Rep. Quigley urged his colleagues to support the Tracking Foreign Fighters in Terrorist Safe Havens Act, providing a clearer understanding of the real threats to U.S. security and greater coordination between Congress and U.S. national security agencies.

Rep. Quigley released a statement in response to H.R. 4038, which provides legislation to amend the U.S. refugee admission process.

Reps. Quigley, Duckworth, and Foster wrote an op-ed about their careful consideration of the historic Iran Nuclear Deal, designed to prevent Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.


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