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Congressman Mike Quigley

Representing the 5th District of Illinois

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Latest News

Sep 18, 2014 Press Release
U.S. Representatives Mike Quigley (D-IL) and Peter King (R-NY) introduced the bipartisan Urban Flooding Awareness Act to address increased flooding from extreme weather and heavy rainfall events in urban communities.
Sep 17, 2014 Press Release

WASHINGTON - Today, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) released the following statement after voting to authorize the U.S. Department of Defense, in coordination with the U.S. State Department, to train and equip appropriately vetted elements of the Syrian opposition:

Sep 15, 2014 Press Release
Rep. Mike Quigley named Jonathan “Yoni” Pizer as his new LGBT Liaison following the departure of former LGBT Liaison Brandon Neese.
Sep 12, 2014 Press Release
“My constituents back home in Chicago are facing unprecedented noise pollution that is eroding their quality of life and impacting their health,” said Quigley. “Our residents can’t get a decent night’s sleep or even enjoy quality time outside with their children. These are families, not statistics, and they deserve a national standard that properly addresses the unacceptable amount of noise pollution they’ve come to experience day in and day out.”
Sep 11, 2014 Press Release
The unprecedented noise pollution facing our local communities is a serious problem that warrants urgent action. The FAA’s refusal to immediately complete a thorough EIS is extremely disappointing, and any FAA re-evaluation is meaningless if it does not consider increased noise level data.

Latest News

Sep 17, 2014 Speeches
WASHINGTON -- Today, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) spoke about the need to increase the minimum wage in order to help American workers and boost the economy.
Sep 16, 2014 Speeches
WASHINGTON -- Today, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) spoke on the need for further sanctions if President Putin continues to disregard Ukrainian sovereignty prior to Petro Poroshenko, the President of Ukraine's, address to a Joint Session of Congress.
Sep 10, 2014 Speeches

WASHINGTON -- Today, U.S. Representative Mike Quigley (IL-05) spoke on the need to protect the Great Lakes and prevent pollution to our nation's drinking water.

Below is a video and transcript of the speech.

Sep 4, 2014 In the News
Congressman Mike Quigley (IL-05) took a spin on some of our city’s next-generation bikeways with a city staffer and local advocates, as part of his “Mike on the Move” campaign to highlight how federal funding can support Chicago transportation infrastructure.
Aug 7, 2014 In the News
I learn more about the kinds of help that will help small businesses and the people who work there. I tell you, transportation is huge. I worked in a restaurant in Elmhurst and ... the entire lunch shift flipped hamburgers and made fries and talked to the people I was working with, and I tell you, they told me the hardest part was getting there.

About the 5th District

5th district of Illinois